Wireless Security Alarm Monitoring

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Wireless Security Alarm Monitoring

      W20alarm system support IP camera, user can monitor real time via mobile APP whether anywhere and anytime.It supports IOS/Andorid APP,user can operate the alarm panel via mobile APP, for example enroll the accessories to the alarm panel.when someone triggered the sensor maliciously,the alert information will transimit to the mobile via SMS or calling.It supports multi-language, users can operate it easily.When  users want to boil some water  before getting back, operate the mobile APP,because the W20 support smart sockets.It seems so good object, right?Many customers like its design and advanced function.

    In the future, this alarm panel will support CID,so  the alert infomation not only will be transmited to the user also to the CID, the CID gets the alert information will ask policeman or security company staff to help the users.

W20 has fashionable design,three network back up.WIFI/GPRS/SMS. User can master all alert information of sensors via mobile APP,any sensors is triggered  will indicate on the APP.


fashionable design

support design

security system

widely suage

super function

quick start

three network backup

smart sharing

remote monitoring/speaking

remote monitoring

smart setting for arm/disarm

multiple modes gurantee

updatind firmware remotely

battery backup

technical parameter


Heyi Electronics has been focused on various alarm products for many years and are known as a famous brand. Welcome to wholesale the wireless security alarm monitoring with our manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized service is also offered in our factory.
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