Wireless 4 Camera Security System Wifi Alarm System

1. WIFI/GSM/SMS dual network alarm system, 32 wireless ,Connect IP cammera; 2. Touch screen, LCD dot matrix; 3. RFID tag, full voice operation 4, Can store 12 languages; 4. Smart home control, compatible with 433MHZ

Product Details

wireless home security alarm camera system with wifi detector

1.WIFI/GPRS/GSM Triple network transmission.

2.Support 32 wireless zones .11 zone types are optional for the zones of 1st – 16th: Delay, Burglar, Perimeter, Fire, GasLeakage, Duress, Panic, Medical, Doorbell alarm and Suspend ,smart . The zones of 17th-32nd are Burglar type.

3.Support for 8 RFID tags , content of each tag can be edited .

4.Support doorbell zone ,when doorbell rings ,it will auto push message to user's mobile phone under "disarm"status.

5.Support 8 remote controllers. Home Arm and Away Arm can be set.

6.8 groups of alarm phone numbers can be set ,it will automatically inform users of alarm to these phone numbers by “dialing”,“sms”or“dialing&sms“the way has been preset

7.Operated by IOS or Android phone of APP function

8.Zone name can be freely edited  .

9.Report of AC /DC status and arm/disarm status.

10.Support to checkout all real-time status of host panel.

12.Support to intelligently pair with network shortly

13.The host panel can be controlled by more than 1 mobile phone at the same time, joining networking center and centralizing monitoring of over 1 host panel with app.

14.Firmware of host panel can be remotely updated by app when there comes new version

15.Multi-languages are optional.

16.Real-time monitoring of door/window’s open/close status ,alerted by Arming failure while door or window opens

17.With built-in siren,3 volume levels can be adjusted .support for wireless siren

18.Support remote operation by SMS for Arming, Disarming, Monitoring and Querying status etc.

19.Support monitoring at site

20.2 Arming/Disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends.

21.Built-in high capacity 800mAh 3.7V lithium battery with 8 hours standby time at least

22.Support query 100 pieces of latest alarm records    

Technical parameters:



Dual NetworkGSM+WIFITagRFID tagPanelTouch Screen
Languages12 languagesWireless frequency433MHzWireless distanceOpen Space (300m)
 Built-in battery12V/1Ah LithiumAalrm current  ≤300mA/15vStatic current≤50mA/15V

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