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GSM Alarm System App H7 burglar alarm system burglar alarm system burglar alarm system burglar alarm system 1. Touch-screen, fashionable appearance and long service life 2. LCD menu, English image-text display (Innovative operation) 3. It supports Card Access System. Users can easily swipe card...

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 GSM Alarm System App



burglar alarm system





burglar alarm system


burglar alarm system



  burglar alarm system


Alarm Communication ways

alarm signal   transmitted

via GSM network

PowerAC 110V~240V 
Alarm Communication ProtocolADEMCO Contact IDStandby Battery7.4V/1200mAh
Siren Output Power<150mANumber of Zones32 wireless zones  +4 wired zones
GSM Working Frequency850MHz,900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHzRange of Temperature-10℃ ~ +50℃
Emission Distance&ge;300metersGSM Emission Frequency&le;2W(850/900MHz),&le;1W(1800/1900MHz)
Receiving/Emission Frequency433.92 MHz   /868MHzColor of LensIvory white/ burglar alarm system
Size195&times;136&times;31mm(L&times;W&times;H)Range of Humidity40 ~ 70%





1. Touch-screen, fashionable appearance and long service life

2. LCD menu, English image-text display (Innovative operation)

3. It supports Card Access System. Users can easily swipe card to disarm without the remote controller.

SMS of swiping will be sent. (optional function)

4. Built- in breathing LED will be auto-OFF when the system is operated / programmed.

5. Avoid wrong operation by child with the function of Child-lock.  .

6. Local temperature displayed with built-in temperature sensor. (Fahrenheit and Celsius are optional).

7. Support 4 pieces of alarm clock and bell ring time can be adjusted.

8. Designed by classic codes, including Program Code, User Code and Duress Code.

9. Support 32 wireless zones and 4 wired zones. The zones of 1st &ndash; 4th are universal by wireless zones and        wired zones. 3 wireless detectors for each wireless zone Doorbell alarm and Suspend.The zones of 17th -32nd are Burglar type.

10.Support 8 remote controllers. Home Arm and Away Arm can be set.

11.Operated by IOS or Android phone of APP function.

12.Support door open/closed notification, alerted by Arming failure while door or window opens.

13.Support 4 speed dialing numbers or direct-call by inputting number in keypad. Support HR answering call.

14.Support one button for panic calling, two way communications and SOS for elders.

15.Support remote operation by SMS for Arming, Disarming, Monitoring and Querying status etc.

16.2 Arming/Disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends.

burglar alarm system








 m system


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