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The Characteristics Of The Wireless Burglar Alarm System

Jan 23, 2017

Wireless burglar alarm to the international general CONTACT ID, 4 + 2 AnDingBao protocol compatible with turning center.

When someone illegally mobile alarm host. Lead to displacement of alarm host, the host immediately high decibels alarm sounds, and at the same time dialing the preset alarm telephone number.

When someone illegally connect with the alarm host telephone shear break to steal, main chance to immediately make high decibels alarm sound, and can through the neighbor alarm call alarm, can only solve the traditional alarm telephone line was cut out the alarm call and cannot pull the fatal problem.

Built-in high capacity rechargeable batteries, when the mains power failure can continue to work more than 36 hours.

Built-in 120 db alarm horn.

Digital alarm display LED32 protection zones, six groups of alarm telephone and mobile storage, call the police.

Learning code for code: wireless connection between detector and host, by learning to code contact, easy expansion.