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Security Industry Development Trend Analysis

May 30, 2018

Security Industry Development Trend Analysis

                                        -- Quanzhou Heyi Electronics Co., Ltd.

The security industry forms an ecological layer. Smart homes and the Internet of Things are the highlights of development.

With the development of technology and the improvement of people's security awareness, the security industry is no longer stuck in the previous concepts and perceptions. The security industry has extended many ecological keywords, such as network security, video surveillance, chips and sensors, and security equipment. Intelligent security system, image recognition and voice recognition. Behind these ecological keywords is the support of the industrial ecology layer. The upstream stage includes video algorithm providers, chip makers, image sensors, lens modules, and other core components; the middle stage includes hardware suppliers, software service providers, integrated system vendors, and operating service providers; and the downstream stage is the terminal industry. Applications include government, public security, transportation, finance, and civilian use. The integration of traditional giants and emerging and advanced security companies is increasing. The traditional giants have made full use of scale advantages from the perspective of channels, and the integration of emerging technologies and products can achieve upstream and downstream links in the industry.

A series of new technologies such as NB-IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and edge computing continue to inject into the Internet of Things and jointly promote the development of the IoT industry and create new ones. Business model and development opportunities. The Internet of Things is accelerating into the new stage of“cross-border integration, integrated innovation and large-scale development”and meets with new industrialization, urbanization, informatization, and agricultural modernization. Given the huge market prospect of the Internet of Things, it is believed that there will be more The integration of industrial chains will eventually lead to the formation of an eco-wise consortium that incorporates cross-border integration, inheritance, innovation, and scale development.

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