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Security Alarm System----Access Control

Sep 06, 2017
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According to Marketandmarkets latest market research report shows that 2016-Access control system management market reached 2.63 billion US dollars, is expected to 2023 will exceed 10 billion US dollars mark, 2017-2023 compound annual growth rate will reach 6.48%.

This is based on the advancement of access management technology (mainly wireless control) and mobile control, ACaaS (control as a service) and other factors driven, making the-Access control system solutions are recognized by the market. The report pointed out that the door card reader will be in the next five years to obtain a very fast growth opportunities, as access control in the credentials, the identifier can verify the identity of visitors at the same time, it is difficult to provide a variety of physical resources to facilitate the user through Mobile phones can achieve remote monitoring and operation. At the same time the market is hot, but also users access to the market in the smart card or proximity card needs

In business vertical, business, data centers, banks or financial centers, hotels, retail shopping malls, entertainment and other business areas, due to asset protection and the existence of rigid demand, will become the import and export management of the important vertical market. Looking ahead, the Asia Pacific access control market will achieve the fastest growth rate in the next five years. The entrances and exits management system will be further covered in hotels, airports, banks and residential areas. In addition to commercial, military, defense, government and industry are the same Boosting the further development of the security access control alarm market.