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New Product Launch--Wireless Keypad

Jun 15, 2017

The interface definition:

1.Indicator lights


3.Power interface


5.Swipping RFID card area

6.Zone switch 

7.RFID indicator  

8.Power indicator

9.Emitting and lock key indicator

wireless keypad 1.png wireless keypad2.png

Wireless keypad adopt disposal core of octet micro-power. 

It can be collocated with our alarm hosts.The wireless keypad implements arm,disarm,and emergency alarm with password and support multiple users, which solve the inconvenience caused by carrying remote controller. 

The keyboard can learn 8 RFID cards, you can choose use the RFID card to operate the host for arm, disarm, arm / disarm. 

Keyboard built-in high-capacity lithium battery, when the battery is low, you can use external power to charge, and also can use the external power to supply long-term power directly .

The keyboard has elegant appearance, meanwhile with clew of power status , tamper and anti-mobile functions.