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Motion Activated Security System

Aug 11, 2017

HY-321Wireless Pet Immunity PIR Wrie Detector (NEW)

Brief Introduction

The wireless pet-immunity PIR detector adopts double infrared sensor technology, which can avoid false alarm caused by pet and improve stability greatly..

when there is motion activated  the security system will ring alarm. But if the motion is caused by Such as cat, dog etc. the pet you keep, the security system will not alarm. 

It greatly  perfect the Anti-false alarm function of security system

Main Features

● Pet immunity with the signal from the double sensor.

● Improve the stability greatly based on analyzing the signal of

   dual symmetrical element & microprocessor.

● Automatic temperature compensation which can adapt the    

    temperature change of  the environment.

● Anti-white light function.

● Anti-magnetic interference with counting pulse sensitivity.

● Support low voltage alarm detection function