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Indoor Wireless Acousto-optic Siren

Aug 01, 2018

Indoor Wireless Acousto-optic Siren

Brief Introduction

The intdoor wireless acousto-optic siren adopts 8 bit MCU technology, built-in 16 two-color LED lights, 1 high-decibel buzzers and 1 built-in battery. The indoor wireless acousto-optic siren not only can connect with the alarm host via wireless transmission, but also can be used as an alarm host and a repeater. It is widely used in banks, shops and villas etc. There are a high-decibel sound output and highlight flashes when a signal is triggered, causing the intruder to flee the scene in a panic, strengthening alarm deterrence and improving the Safety of the Protection Environment.

When the indoor wireless acousto-optic siren works with wireless alarm host by wireless transmission, alarm host can input the indoor wireless acousto-optic siren address, or directly learning with the indoor wireless acousto-optic siren. The indoor wireless acousto-optic siren’s AC information, battery voltage information are all transmitted to the alarm host via wireless signal. Then the alarm host notifies the user about the alarm information via SMS, center and voice.The indoor wireless acousto-optic siren also can indicate alarm host arm / disarm status.

Users can buy the relative remote controllers and detectors according to their demands when the indoor wireless acousto-optic siren is used as the alarm host. It can connect with these wireless accessories and become a powerful independent alarm system.

The indoor wireless acousto-optic siren can also be used as a repeater, adopting storage mode to automatically enroll the retransmitted detectors. As a short-range wireless transmission relay and relay emitter, wireless transmission distance is effectively increased.

Main Features

--Used as a repeater, it can transmit 32 wireless accessories.

--3 colors of indicator lights flashing modes.

--Acousto-optic notice when operating Arm /Disarm.

--Status reports to users including the alarm from siren itself, AC information and  

  battery voltage.

--Support 8 remote controls, 32 detectors.

--Optional acousto-optic alarm notice when A/C is off.

--Optional light brightness on standby status.

--A strong deterrence with loudness alarm sound and dazzling warning lights.

--Built-in 3.7V/250mAh Lead-acid battery, up to 8 hours of sand-by time