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How To Use The Wireless Keyboard

Jun 28, 2017


Enroll wireless : Follow the alarm host instructions, enter the remote controller enrolling status and then enter the [user password ] +Away Arming key, send the wireless enrolling signal, to learn the alarm host.(How many RFID cards you learned ,correspond to enroll at remote controller address on the alarm host)


Note: 1.RFID reader time is 10 seconds, after the time,the RFID reader automatically withdraw from the reader mode.

         2. When the external power supply, the keyboard open the RFID reader by default.



Programming operation

1. program password

Set steps: 【program password 00 New program password #

Function Description: program password is used to set the keypad parameters and access to RFID card learning , program password fixed length of 6 bits.

Application example: Set the new program password to 012345.

Programming steps: In the standby status , enter 88888800123456,then press the # key to store the data.

2. User Password 1-8

Set steps: 【program password 01-08 Switch User password #

        01 = User password 1 02 = User password 2 03 = User password 3 04 = User password 4

        05 = User Password 5 06 = User Password 6 07 = User Password 7 08 = User Password 8

Function Description: The user switch is used to set the operation privilege of the current user,            the range of 00-01. (00 = close current user; 01 = open current user)

    The user password is used to arm, disarm operation, the user password fixed length of 4 bits.

Application example:Set to open user 5, and user 5s password is 1234.

Programming steps: In the standby status, enter 88888805011234, then press the # key to store data.

3. RFID arm/disarm authority

Set steps: 【program password 09 arm/ disarm authority #

Function Description: RFID arm/disarm authority means that the RFID card can disarm, arm, arm/ disarm to the host, the value range is 00-02. (00 = disarm; 01 = arm;02 = arm / disarm)

Application example: Set the authority of the RFID card for arming.

Programming steps: In the standby status, enter 8888880901, then press the # key to store data.

PS:The authority of the RFID cards are same,by unified settings.

4. Enroll RFID card

Set steps: 【program password 90 #

Function Description:Enroll RFID card means that enroll the RFID card to the keypad, so that the keypad has the function of arm / disarm by swiping card.

Programming steps: In the standby status, enter 88888890 #, then the RFID indicator flashes and  enter the enroll mode, press the numeric keypad [1-8] to learn the corresponding RFID card 1-8.If the RFID indicator is flashing ,it means the current RFID card has not yet been enrolled;if the indicator long bright ,it means that the current address has already been enrolled, long press [*] for 3 seconds to delete the current address, press [#] to exit the RFID enroll mode.

5. Recovery of factory default

Set steps: 【program password 99 #

Function Description:Set the keyboard to recover the factory default.