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How To Choose A Best Security System

Jul 15, 2019

How to choose a best security system

An innovative security system has been installed at the Wauchope Country Club as a deterrent to would be thieves.


The decision to implement the new system comes after an armed hold up at the club in October where over 30 patrons and staff were threatened and thieves escaped with approximately $13,000.


The system sprays a fine mist on thieves as they enter and leave the club's building. This DNA spray forensically links them with the scene of the crime.


Developed by DNA Security Solutions, the perpetrator marking spray is made up of 99.9 per cent purified water, a vegetable-based fluorescent dye and a single strand of DNA that is unique to the Wauchope Country Club - the thief is branded for up to six weeks with the DNA. No amount of scrubbing will remove the markings which will glow under ultraviolet light when the suspect is detained by police.


Police don't require the permission of the courts to carry out the forensic testing.


Bob Weston Secretary Manager of the Wauchope Country Club who managed the installation of the system said it was a massive deterrent to criminals.


"It's the best in the business," said Bob


"In the installations we know about there have been a 98% reduction in the number of break-ins.


"The staff are more than happy with these percentages.


"Just knowing someone would be walking around with the crime scene on them for up to ten weeks is an enormous deterrent, as it makes it easier for police to catch them," explained Bob


When the wireless alarm system is triggered, the DNA Guardian system is armed and waiting for the offender to enter into the 'zone' that is protected by the spray (usually over an entry/exit doorway - but it can go anywhere). When the PIR movement detector picks up movement it will spray the offender, or multiple offenders if this is the situation.


If the clear solution is wiped away whilst wet it will be smeared all over the offender and further marking them. The DNA dries on the skin and gets into the pores, attaches to the hairs around the face, eyebrows, up the nose, in the ears. It will also be all over the material used to wipe the solution away.


The DNA Guardian system is connected to an alarm system which has the capability of notifying the police of an intruder.


All staff at the Wauchope Country Club have received training in the system.


Jane Horne, bar supervisor is relieved the club has chosen one of the best security systems available.


"We all just feel that much safer, the percentages are great and we know it works," she said.


Theoretically, security convergence is about uniting the multidimensional disciplines of an organization, in a one plus one equals three equation. In other words, a converged solution should be greater than the sum of its individual parts. Such that when proficiently applied it reduces security gaps, thereby creating a more efficient use of resources, while speeding up response times and efficient management of disruptive incidents. But what does this mean in the real world?