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How Can We Do To Reduce The Loss ?

May 16, 2017

Recently, a news report a thief to steal at night when the residents go out for a walk, the use of drainage pipes climb to the homes of people downstairs garage of stainless steel canopy, hand tighten tighten the stainless steel anti-theft window wire, and then open the anti- The window climbed into the room for theft. This news let us once again look to the family anti-theft aspects. Now the family has a sense of security, but as described in the news, even if the installation of anti-theft window, but also make the thief an opportunity. So, how can we do in time to prevent theft, reduce the loss of it?

Burglar 22.png

一、 The operating principle of anti-theft alarm

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The general principle of anti-theft alarm system is the use of electronic technology automatically detect the intrusion occurred in the control area, and then produce an alarm signal, and promptly tell the user to take measures to deal with. Now, with the development of the alarm, and some even with the local alarm management center of the computer network, in order to the first time alarm when there has an accident.

二、 The anti-theft alarm purchase principle

Anti-theft alarm system is an important facility to prevent accidents such as robbery, theft and other accidents. In the event of an incident, you can through the sound-light alarm signal in the security control center to accurately show the location of the accident, so that the rapid response measures. So in the purchase of anti-theft alarm, we must be careful these features.

三、 The network is the future direction of anti-theft alarm

The transmission of alarm information is essential in the burglar alarm. Home wireless network alarm does not need to establish a private network, can be directly Internet docking. This can make burglar alarm more flexible, no wiring, but also not afraid of wire damage and other issues. This shows that the network will be the future development trend.