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High Cost But Low-income, How Do Security Companies Do To Find A Way Out?

Apr 24, 2017

The first is to take OEM way, the production of the link entrusted to third-party production enterprises, but in quality control, functional design and after-sales service, the enterprise still need to has a sense of responsibility, responsibility for the industry, and make sure the product is responsible for the user. Responsibility is a matter of principle. The second is to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and manufacturing intelligence, closely around the network as the main basis for information and communication technology, integration of security technology to achieve product innovation and market competition differentiation, a new round of industrial revolution is the core of the manufacturing industry Digital, that is highly developed information technology, the depth of Internet technology and manufacturing integration. The development of manufacturing industry information platform to promote the construction of cloud platform construction, to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry to upgrade, the decentralized manufacturing resources together to improve resource utilization, to achieve business to reduce production costs and improve the core technology, from manufacturing to Intellect.