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GSM Alarm Overview

Jan 23, 2017

GSM alarm system is based on the second generation of mobile communication technology and using high performance industrial module, GSM occurs when can automatically dial the preset receiving alarm telephone, and send text messages both in English; But by text content recognition alarm protection zones; Can be telephone remote protection/machine/listen live sound; For the family, shops, companies, factories and other places.

Cruise eagle GSM alarm system using industrial wireless mobile communication network and related digital processing technology, has gradually been applied in the field, technology security is widely used in household, commercial, residential property, electricity, transportation, oil, coal, railway, municipal, public security departments of industry security devices, data monitoring and remote monitoring system, and so on. It USES GSM wireless mobile communication network platform for short message data transmission mode, realize the kop is convenient and flexible wireless alarm processing and control, and solves the fixed telephone or cable broadband network alarm limits of cable data transmission mode, truly wireless alarm.