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Cooperation Between University & HEYI Alarm System

May 21, 2018

Cooperation Between University & HEYI Alarm System

The first batch of "dual system" talent training pilots in Fujian Province Liming Vocational University's international business major (global e-commerce direction) has attracted public attention since its inauguration in September 2016, and 31 trainees have shared enterprise general managers or company executives. 15 people. On March 23rd, the president of Liming Vocational University Huang Shiqing, Vice President Yu Dahang, Director of Academic Affairs Li Dongmei, Dean of School of International Trade Yao Limei, and Party General Secretary Lin Zhongyi, etc., and 12 others went to Quanzhou Gangfeng Group, Quanzhou Tonghao Clothing Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Hongyi Garment Co., Ltd., Quanzhou HEYI Electronics Co., Ltd., Quanzhou United Paper Industry Co., Ltd., and Fujian Huayi Ceramics Co., Ltd. six "dual system" student companies awarded the school-enterprise cooperation award and signed the school Business Cooperation Agreement. During the visit, there were cordial discussions between the school and the enterprise.

Headmaster Huang Shiqing pointed out that the "dual system" project has played an active role in promoting the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and deepening education and teaching reform. "Dual-system" enterprise trainees should earnestly enhance their ability during their studies. They dare to fight and accomplish their careers and are fully affirmed. At the same time, it is suggested that school-industry enterprises should conduct inter-collegiate cooperation, aiming at the professional characteristics of all-round cooperation from R&D, design, and marketing to establish a good cooperation platform for “dual system” enterprises and strive to help the company become bigger and stronger.

Vice President Yu Dahang focused on the typical models of school-enterprise cooperation in recent years. He pointed out that in 2017, Li Ruifa, a dual-system student, relied on the Quanzhou HEYI Electronics Co., Ltd. project, and the school-enterprise dual-supervisor Qiangqiang team won the National Vocational Education Society of China. The first prize of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a typical example. It can be seen that the “binary system” project is conducive to improving the individual’s individual comprehensive quality and business ability, boosting the development of the enterprise and expanding the influence of the company’s brand.

The six corporate students warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders of the school and the leaders of the institute and gave full affirmation to the “Dual System” project of Liming Vocational University. Entrepreneurs believe that when they return to college to read, they have opportunities and intellectual support for self-improvement, which is extremely beneficial to personal development and enterprise development. After more than a year of study, they have a clearer plan for the future development of themselves and the company. They stated that they will continue to enhance their strengths in the future, supplement the short board, and dig deep into the new model of school-enterprise cooperation. They will make mutual benefit with the school and contribute to the development of the school.