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An Overview Of Wireless Burglar Alarm

Jan 23, 2017

So-called wireless, is to use the existing telephone network or the GSM network, through wireless or wired way, telephone connected host, or mobile phones, realizing the function of remote anti-theft electronic products. Shenzhen security alarm in U.S. import original chip and MCU control technology, is integrating sensing detection, communication, computer control of digital, intelligent, full utility of a new generation of security products.

By programmable host, remote control, all kinds of security, prevent rob detector, through specific communication format of 110 and the security alarm monitoring center computer networking, formed an advanced comprehensive reliable security network. Once alert, can put the alarm information through telecommunications network instant remote transmission to the user to set telephone, mobile phone, pager. At the same time report to the alarm center, network center can through the electronic map, database, computer voice prompt, listening to the scene, according to industry unit, location, location, mobilize police to quickly handle in time.