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2019Year End Party

Jan 15, 2020

Sending away the Chinese pig year,new year is another year with passion;

Welcome the Chinese Swiss rat year , new year is another year of fire;

With everyone's anticipation,

At 4 p.m. on January 12, 2020,

Quanzhou Heyi Electronics Co., Ltd. 2019

year end party

Grand opening!

Host opened with enthusiasm

2019 has quietly passed,

Full of hope and challenge

2020 is here.

Looking back on 2019

We worked hard

Aggressive, confident and proud

Looking forward to 2020

We have high spirits and create greater glories


Mr. Li Ruifa, the general manager of our company, took the lead in sending greetings to all guests and staff. Looking back on the past year, He Yi's brilliant achievements are obvious to all. Thanks, affirmations, praises and team strength are our key words in 2019. In 2020, we must ensure that the expected tasks are completed, and everything is guided by customer needs. Efficiency, strengthen team cohesion as the focus of work.

2020 has arrived, and Heyi also has today's time, geography and harmony. This is an opportunity given to us by the times, and we must seize it.

The real challenge lies not with the outside, but with myself, because I am the root of everything. Only by defeating myself can I win, and only by surpassing myself can I lead 2020!

Annual award
Best engagement award
Best effort award
  • Best Breakthrough AWARD

Best model award

Best contribution AWARD


In 2019, Heyi achieved remarkable results, relying on the countless efforts and unswerving guardianship of Heyi people. During this period, we have emerged a batch of excellent talents and role models.

Those who work hard are always lucky. After many screenings, we have selected our outstanding employees for the year 2019 in the commendation process-the best dedication award, the best payout award, the best breakthrough award, the best pacesetter award, and the best dedication. The award and the best partner are also recognized, also to encourage everyone to work harder.

This year, we have experienced a lot and created a new honor for He Yi. All our achievements cannot be separated from everyone's joint efforts. At this moment, we witnessed their growth and witnessed their moment of honor!



After months of well-prepared programs finally ushered in exciting moments, let us relive the wonderful moments. With the exhilarating and beautiful singing voice of "Let's Walk Away", the festive atmosphere of the whole annual meeting was ignited. The sketches "Friends Circle" and "Fighting Private Money" made everyone laugh and dance. "Dance" is a graceful figure with a unique dance; sign language dance "Grateful Heart" is grateful and grateful to all of us in this world People who have made contact make us grow and make us strong; there is also a surprise in the middle, to share this wonderful time with the family of January birthday, at the end of the show, the management of He Yi took the stage and sang "I believe we will create miracles" The programs of the annual meeting are colorful, and all of our companies are crouching tigers and hiding dragons, and they all show their talents.


At the annual meeting, the most exciting thing was the round of rounds of draws. At this time, the leaders who took the stage to draw were transformed into walking "expression packs". Small expressions from time to time made family members and friends couldn't help it Excited, thinking that the next winner is myself! The prizes are colorful and diverse, and the probability of winning is extremely high. Everyone is looking forward to becoming the most fortunate "Koi" in the annual meeting!


Looking back, I am grateful; looking forward to the next year, we must wait and see. In 2020, we will not forget our original intentions, keep our mission in mind, and work tirelessly to jointly create a new splendor that belongs to ourselves and Heyi. Years are as old as a song, and I wish you a happy New Year. Let's just fight for the day and night, live up to our dreams, and move forward with our dreams to create a more brilliant future for He Yi!