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2018 China AI Plus Security Industry Development Research Report

Jun 05, 2018

2018 China AI plus Security Industry Development Research Report

As we all know, after a large number of CV start-up companies flooded into the security market in 2012, the application of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to the security industry has become an industry trend. The demand for intelligentization in the security industry has caused many players to shift their attention to intelligent security. R&D-related Security smart products. The report reviewed the application of AI in the field of security protection and the strategic layout of listed security companies, restoring the status quo of the security industry. We believe that the development of AI will directly affect the sudden change in the security landscape.

China began to have a security concept that should be traced back to 1979. At that time, security products were mainly detected, alarmed, and physically protected. They were used in high-value places such as museums and key units. With the initial formation of China’s security industry, the application fields of security products gradually Expanded to finance, real estate, transportation services and other industries. In the 21st century, the representative video surveillance products in security have developed towards digital, high-definition, networked, and intelligent trends, and the application fields have also begun to shift towards the socialization of security products and the civil market.

In 2009, AI technology began to be applied in many industries. By 2012, it was landed and applied on the security market in large-scale. Artificial intelligence began to promote the evolution and innovation of the traditional security industry. The introduction of new industry development plans has brought many security companies into contact. The construction of safe cities and smart cities, the national policy aspects of Skynet Engineering and Xueliang Engineering promoted the overall AI security, and the application of intelligent security products to actual events was highlighted. More and more AI and CV companies started to take the field of security as the main development. point.

Since 2016, the concept of intelligent security has been mentioned in large areas, and the company has increased the number of applications in the field of smart security in the country, and the application scenarios have also started to expand like other industries from the initial level of public security and transportation.

Good development trends and applications have given the government more confidence. “The 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) Development Plan for China's Security Industry” pointed out that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the security industry will be scaled, automated, and Intelligent transformation and upgrading, and by 2020, the total income of security companies to reach 800 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 10%, according to the plan is expected to 2022 security industry market scale will reach nearly trillion yuan.

In 2017, the massive image and video information generated by the security system every day caused a serious problem of information redundancy. The recognition accuracy and efficiency were insufficient, and the applicable areas were more limited. On this basis, smart security began to implement product requirements. Algorithms, computational power, and data are the three major elements of AI+ security development. On the landing of products, video structure (recognition and extraction of video data), biometrics (fingerprint recognition, face recognition, etc.), and object characteristics are mainly reflected in video. Identification (License Plate Recognition System).

The wide application of these products makes active applications and advance warning possible; intelligent applications such as face recognition, abnormal behavior analysis, number counting, audio detection, etc. will move forward afterwards to advance warnings and effectively prevent the occurrence of various types of cases; Video condensing and video summary retrieval improve the efficiency and quality of post-processing. Cloud storage and cloud computing under big data applications are also providing powerful guarantees for building a new generation of data centers and computing centers. From the traditional model, security has strode into a new era of intelligence. From the "post-mortem retrospective" and "human defense" of 1.0, it is mainly upgraded to "real-time supervision," pre-prevention, and "technical defense."

Technical level, event discovery capabilities, event analysis capabilities, incident review capabilities, event handling capabilities, data acquisition and storage capabilities, and emergency response required data to cover flow data, terminal data, SIEM data, and integration with third parties The data is analyzed and judged. The front-end signal acquisition and detection equipment starts to incorporate AI chips, and the images are filtered and transmitted through intelligent identification, which reduces the transmission space and shortens the time. The number of related front-end products that the back-end processing platform can handle at the same time is greatly improved, and the resolution and recognition are improved. Accuracy has improved significantly.

Although at present, due to the low penetration of AI technology, high prices of smart products, limited application of scenes, and insufficient acceptance of smart products, most security companies are still accepting and trying to use AI. 90% of the market share is still occupied by traditional security, but the security industry's demand for data and intelligence has caused many traditional and emerging companies to lay out one after another, research and develop relevant security intelligent products, typical emerging companies like Cloud from technology, Shang Tang Technology. , Despise and rely on technology, traditional security giants, such as Hikvision, UOB shares and Yushi Technology, also established an independent smart chip R & D team, enter the smart security market to occupy the market space.

According to statistics from China Industry Information Network, in 2016, the number of security companies in China was nearly 22,000, and the number of employees in the industry reached 1.6 million. According to the data returned by the Flush in 2018, there are currently 65 listed companies with security concepts, and the main business is security. There are 62 companies in the new 3rd board enterprise in the security field, and the relevant businesses are related to security. 86 companies, most of which are based on technology research and development in the subdivided application fields such as safe city construction, intelligent transportation, and finance. With the continuous deepening of the concept of intelligent security, the expected achievement of the trillion security market in 2022 will not be postponed. It will only come earlier.