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Wireless Roller Gate Magnetic Introduction

Dec 27, 2019

Wireless Roller Gate Magnetic Introduction

1.Working principle

  The shutter gate magnet is composed of three parts: wireless transmitting sensor, metal magnet and metal steel spring tube. The metal steel spring tube and wireless transmitting sensor are connected by wire. At 3 cm, the steel spring tube will close, causing a short circuit. When the alarm indicator lights up, the alarm signal output circuit will send an alarm signal to the host.

2.Prevention position

  A, shops

  B. Garage

3.Installation position

  A. Metal magnet: It should be installed on the door panel that can be moved up and down, it should be parallel to the lower part of the door panel, and it can be moved up a certain distance, but it cannot exceed the lower part.

  B. Metal steel spring tube: installed in the ground, it should be kept at the same level as the metal magnet, and there must be some distance between them, but it cannot exceed 21 cm.

  C. Wireless transmitting sensor: Wired connection with metal steel spring tube, installed in the communication distance from the host, the signal line should be installed along the ground, and its length should be determined according to actual needs Double stranded power cord).

4. Installation precautions

  A. The installation position must be correct

  B. IC address coding should be correct

  C. Minimize the distance between the wireless transmission sensor and the host, and reduce interference with the steel concrete wall and electrical appliances

  D. The location of the wireless transmitter should be protected from rain and humidity.

  E. After installation, the receiving antenna should be pulled out.

5. Analysis and treatment of common faults

  A. After opening the shutter, the host cannot receive the alarm signal of the door sensor.

  (1) Check whether the installation position of each component of the roller shutter magnetic is correct

  (2) Check the distance between the wireless transmitting sensor and the host

  (3) Check if the battery is charged

  (4) Check if the wireless transmitting sensor IC code is correct

  (5) Check if the circuit board of the wireless transmitting sensor is damaged