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Wireless PIR detector

Apr 19, 2017
Product Description

This product is the curtain PIR detector with high stability. Hereinafter be called the detector. It adopts advanced technology in signal processing and provides superhigh detection and anti false alarm performance. The MCU processing ensures its stability in design. Any intruder passing through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the body movement. Any dynamic movement, it will send the alarm signal to the mainframe. This product is suitable for the safety in residential areas, villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses and office buildings etc.


 ● Screwing-type mounting bracket, more stable

 ● 86 Box bracket optional

 ● MCU control, high efficience of anti false alarm

 ● Dual temperature compensation

 ● Bipolar pulse count adjustment

 ● Anti white light interference

 ● Anti RF interference

 ● Fresnel lens

 ● Wall/ceiling installation

 ● Alarm input NC/NO option

 ● Alarm delay 3 sec./30 sec. option

 ● Dynamic threshold adjustment

 ● SMT process, more stable performance



 Operating voltage:DC9~24V

 Alarm current: ≤ 18mA

 Detect distance:9m

 Detect speed:0.3~3m/sec.

 Detect angle:15 °

 Auto-check time:60sec.

Alarm delay:3sec./30sec. optional Alarm indicator: red LED


Sensor: dual pyroelectric infrared sensor


Operating temp.:-10 ℃ ~+50 ℃