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Wireless Door Sensor

May 29, 2018

Wireless Door Sensor

Wireless Door Sensor is used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are illegally opened or moved. It consists of a wireless transmitter and a magnetic block.

HY-20B Built-in antenna Magnetic Window Door Sensor Detector

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Wireless Door Sensor generally uses power-saver design. When the door is closed, it does not emit radio signals. At this time, power consumption is only a few microamps. When the door is opened, it immediately emits a wireless alarm signal for about 1 second, and then stops automatically. At this time, even if the door is always open, it will not emit signal any longer. This is to prevent the continuous emission of the transmitter causing the internal battery to be depleted and affect the alarm. The wireless door sensor is also designed with a battery low voltage detection circuit when the battery voltage is lower than 2.4v, the yellow light will light up. At this time, the battery must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the reliability of the alarm will be affected.


The wireless door sensor is generally installed on the upper side or the side of the inside of the door. It consists of two parts: the smaller part is a permanent magnet, and the inner one has a permanent magnet to generate a constant magnetic field. The larger one is a wireless door magnetic main body. It has a normally-open type reed pipe. When the permanent magnet and the reed switch are in close proximity (less than 1cm), the wireless magnetic sensor is in working standby state. When the permanent magnet leaves the reed pipe for a certain distance, The wireless magnetic sensor immediately transmits a high-frequency radio signal containing an address code and its own identification code (ie, data code). The receiving board determines whether the same alarm system is used by recognizing the address code of the radio signal. According to its own identification code (that is, data code), determine which wireless door sensor alarm. The door magnetic detector is divided into wired and wireless according to the transmission mode; according to its installation mode, it is divided into inline and exterior, etc. Although the appearance is different, its principle and role are the same.

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