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WiFi Alarm W20 Assists in Escorting Homes, Getting Thieves to “fear”

Jun 08, 2018

WiFi Alarm W20 Assists in Escorting Homes, Getting Thieves to “fear”

WiFi alarms play a major role in people's lives. In the days to come, they will play a greater role. Its popularity is undoubtedly beneficial to users. Compared with the traditional ones, it has obvious advantages and makes us more convenient.

People's awareness of self-protection and awareness of family safety precautions have been in place since ancient times. Many residents now install security doors, security windows, and anti-theft iron bars in their homes, and many users install cameras that are currently used, but many times residents work outside the home. People, in addition to crime gangs, have a variety of means of crime. Under normal circumstances, the effectiveness of these measures against criminal gangs is often unsatisfactory.

Compared with traditional security, the superiority of the home burglar alarm is very obvious. Taking the WiFi alarm HY-W20 as an example, it has the advantage of being difficult to replace in all aspects: high decibel alarm, 24H guarding home.

Through the linkage of doors and windows, infrared intrusion detectors, smart cameras, and sound and light alarms, users can build an impeccable security system in their homes. When someone intends to lock or enter the window, the user can immediately receive a high-decibel alarm message from the outdoor alarm. Whether it is expelling a thief or directly dialing an alarm call, he can proceed calmly and will not rush into confusion. Inequality.

On the evening of March 15, a thief in a garden in Donghai District, Quanzhou looked at a family and hoped that they could take advantage of it. They were prepared to break the lock and enter the time. A sound of alarm sounded irrelevant, and it made them “fearful” and could only fall backwards. run! The unsuspecting thief waited for the alarm to stop the alarm and tried to steal it again. It did not happen that the alarm flashed when he approached the door again. In the end, thieves can only go without success. This is because there is a sharp security system guardian before it can effectively prevent problems.

W20, as a smart WiFi alarm, chose a gentle white main body. The door magnet used in conjunction with the alarm is white, no noise, and clean and fresh. It can be used in conjunction with sound and light alarms, smoke alarms and other accessories. It is widely used in apartments, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, cafes, leisure clubs, KTV, chess and cards rooms, hospitals, banks, schools, and residential buildings.

Windows and doors have always been common passages for thieves stealing. In order to prevent thieves from invading us through windows and doors, we have to do a 12-point anti-theft work. We install door magnets on the doors and install curtains on the windows. The detector, so that as long as the door and window in the home is invaded, even if someone presses the bell in the home, the head of the household can receive the alarm call/SMS notification in the first time. Whether you are at work or on the business trip, with this tip, let yourself be assured of your daily work and life.

The WiFi alarm is installed. When the alarm device is in the deployment state, the device will immediately send an alarm sound as long as the person enters the arming range. If a thieves enters, the resident can immediately find out, and the thieves themselves do not know and then are captured.

Security, for the individual means health, meaning for the family, WiFi alarm can not only control the remote home appliances, but also as a family safety "bodyguard", which is absolutely enough to force, think about using only a single alarm can be 24 hours Monitoring the situation at home, but also using mobile phone text messaging remote control, is simply incredible. If you want to experience high-tech life, don't miss it.

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