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WiFi Alarm Notification

Oct 29, 2018

WiFi Alarm Notification

The home security alarm system can choose wifi+GSM alarm system, with dual network control and built-in battery, to ensure the alarm system to work normally 24 hours a day. In case of alarm, the alarm information can be pushed to the user's mobile phone APP through wifi. At the same time, the host will automatically dial the phone number preset by the user.

The perfect home anti-theft alarm system consists of: anti-theft alarm host, infrared detector, intelligent fingerprint lock, surveillance camera, door magnet, smoke alarm, water leakage detector, gas detector, intelligent socket, emergency button, remote control and other intelligent equipment.

1. Core of anti-theft alarm system: anti-theft alarm host

Burglar alarm host is used to receive the alarm signals sent by various detectors. At the same time, if you want to control other intelligent security equipment, you should also use the anti-theft alarm host. Therefore, the anti-theft alarm host is indispensable in the anti-theft alarm system.

2. Core component of burglar alarm host: infrared detector

The infrared detector is the main part of the anti-theft alarm. When an intruder passes through the detection area of the infrared detector, the infrared detector will immediately send an alarm signal to the host of the anti-theft alarm, and the host of the anti-theft alarm will immediately give an alarm after receiving the alarm signal.

3. One of the "helpers" of the burglar alarm system: the smart fingerprint lock

Intelligent fingerprint lock has many lock mode, respectively is: cell phone APP lock, fingerprint lock, password lock, key lock, card lock, every time the lock, the user can instantly receive intelligent fingerprint lock push information, such as someone with fingerprint lock, at 10:00 in the user's phone will receive push information said: "who is at 10 o 'clock on the fingerprint lock", each time the lock record will be pushed to users of mobile phones, and let the user can understand family door lock security status in the first place, at the same time, intelligent fingerprint lock also has anti stress pry proof function.

4. Anti-theft alarm system "helper" part 2: surveillance cameras

With the use of the jian shu surveillance camera, the user can check the home situation at any time and anywhere. When the user receives the alarm signal or the push information of the smart fingerprint lock, the user can immediately open the mobile APP to check the home situation.

5. Anti-theft alarm system "helper" 3: door magnet

The price of door magnetism is about USD4.3/piece, the price is affordable, the function is powerful, the user can be installed in every door door magnet, when have intruder to pry open door window, can trigger door magnetism and produce alarm signal, guard against theft alarm host receives alarm signal immediately alarm.

6. Anti-theft alarm system "helper" 4: smoke alarm

The smoke alarm is also called smoke sense, smoke detector, smoke sensor, etc. It is mainly used in fire protection. The smoke alarm is simple and comfortable, with high sensitivity, strong stability, beautiful and durable.

7. Anti-theft alarm system "helper" 5: water leakage detector

Water leakage detector is primarily used in the field of fire, many families through leaky plumbing, resulting in a huge loss, when leaking and is not found in time, will not only damage the furniture, if the seepage downstairs to housing, in addition to affect the stairs neighborhood relationship, and cost a fortune to fix floor, at the same time due to the leakage loss of water resources, also is very not conforming to the state advocate green life.

8. Burglar alarm system's helper 6: gas detector

Every year there are large teams of people because of gas poisoning, and according to the statistics, every fire case of casualties, with most of them are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, and therefore, gas detector in the home security alarm system is vital. Gas detector can probe a variety of toxic gases, such as: coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

9. Anti-theft alarm system "helper" of 7: smart socket

In order to improve the quality of life, everyone particularly likes the function of intelligent control, and if you want to control the electrical appliances in your home, you must plug into the smart socket, and the household appliances after the access to the smart socket, users can control the switches of household appliances at will in the mobile APP.

10. Burglar alarm system "helper" 8: emergency button

The emergency button is mainly applied in emergencies or emergencies, and you can directly press the emergency button for help. When you press the emergency button, the alarm host will immediately alarm when it receives the signal, and the user can immediately open the mobile monitoring APP to check the home situation.

11. Operator of burglar alarm system: remote control

The remote control is used for the anti-theft alarm system security, removal, home security, emergency rescue, the use of the method and car security remote control roughly the same, very simple and convenient.

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