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Why to Choose Smoke Detector

Jul 16, 2019

Why to Choose Smoke Detector

(Smoke detector for houses, apartments and rooms with similar use - installation, operating and maintenance) contains the appropriate policies for home smoke detectors, which is connecting to theburglar alarm system.


Due to the decreased perception of smoke, in the bedroom sleeping areas, there have monitor for children in particular - and bedrooms and hallways with smoke detectors. Open connections with several stores, a smoke detector must be installed at least at the top level.


The monitoring of each room with a smoke detector and the installation of a smoke detector on each level and one host is recommended. In kitchens and bathrooms or shower rooms, smoke detectors are only used if due to the performance characteristics of detectors or whose spatial application fraud alerts be excluded.


Smoke detector always on the ceiling, preferably in the middle of the room, but in any case must at least 0, 5 m away be mounted from the wall or a girder or furnishings. Rooms, which are divided by ceiling part walls or furnishing, it should be monitored in every part of the room with a smoke detector, if the smoke spread to the smoke detector can be hampered by this. In rooms that are divided up to the ceiling high beams or girders (subdivisions) in ceiling fields, special rules apply.


A ceiling mounting is not possible (such as when insufficient strength of the ceiling), so the smoke detector should be in side, preferably on the long wall of the space 0, 3 m to 0, 5 m below the ceiling in the middle third of the wall mount. The wall surface above the smoke detector and 1 m below should be free 5 m around the smoke detector with a minimum width of ±0, furnishings. Smoke detectors, which are to be mounted on the wall, must have a proof of suitability for this type of installation.


In the most local building regulations is set that in apartments all bedrooms, children's rooms and the corridors, which serve as an escape route from lounges, must be equipped with at least a home alarm system(with several PIR detectors). The cost of the installation for the owner, the direct owner has the responsibility and cost of maintenance to take over.


Also, regularly used for sleeping purposes, such as for example one, there are sleeping rooms. Corridors in cellars, where there are no lounges, must not be allowed from then with smoke detectors. Open staircases within apartments contain usually also corridors and are therefore in the monitoring to include. A House contains (at least) an apartment and is thus also be equipped with home alarm system (with several PIR detectors).