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why the elderly need smart home

Jul 10, 2017

With the increase in social  pressure, most of the younger generation are struggling to work outside, even if they live together can not always guard the old man on side. 

With the increase of age, audio-visual ability and ability to move all aspects of decline, the elderly in the process of living alone will inevitably be some accidents or sudden illness, if there are unfortunate circumstances and they can not promptly call for help, it is likely Will lead to tragedy.

Therefore, the elderly urgently need is the children's companionship and care. At this time choose a product ,which can take care of their parents and samrt watch  home  is particularly important.

The HEYI alarm system  do this for you.

Communicate with you family  whenever and wherever you are.

Network  IP camera,  remotely monitor the suitation of home, take everything in charge.

Feel free to work and work more efficeently.