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Why smart home completely detonated civil burglar alarm market?

Jul 18, 2017

In recent years, with the development of smart home, family security has become a new consumer hot spots. Family security is not only a product, it is a new way of life. In the family life, anti-theft security is the primary task, although the family anti-theft system really come in handy when not much, but it exists like an invisible safety net, quiet guardian. In recent years, with the integration of the Internet and smart home industry impact, for the family, shops, factories and enterprises of civil burglar alarm market is also rising!

Integration and Innovation of Anti - theft Alarm Detection Technology

In the Internet, the impact of smart home, burglar alarm not only as a single product features in the application, in strengthening the family, social security at the same time, will be more with access control, intercom, monitoring, smart home and other industries together, Gradually out of the traditional stand-alone single-function mode, or become a comprehensive intelligent products, or become access control intercom, smart home and other products of a function, burglar alarm system, through a single product or package to achieve the product itself alarm function, Such as the protection of property security, security; protection of personal safety, the elderly for help, fire prevention and anti-leakage, etc.

Burglar alarm through a set of open line under the platform of the system, so that every resident's life together, wisdom, that allows users to use, there is a sense of inseparable, in addition to security, Household appliances, living environment associated with the daily needs of life associated with a comprehensive service platform, integration of resources, to provide users with comprehensive service support to build a new anti-theft alarm service application model, there is the same as the civilian free mode of monitoring, This may be the future of burglar alarm industry, new ideas. The same time as the above

Civil burglar alarm products, to break through the existing boundaries, in the linkage of application, to create difficult to copy the core functions, so that people live safer, more convenient, more intelligent, impressed users.