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Why Intruder Alarm System

Jan 10, 2019

Why Intruder Alarm System

For a home, nothing is more important than security, safety accident due to an accident, but also must have prevention and monitoring measures, not afraid of ten thousand afraid of one thousand, after all, a home is a life decades, you say, from check-in to the demolition has been anchored, it must be impossible, so sometimes installed electronic alarm system might be away for a comfortable a lot of.

Electronic anti-theft alarm system, electronic anti-theft alarm has been a very important position, and modern building occupants calculate, many family have it villa courtyard, obvious camera is one of them at the gate, but the system not only as simple security monitoring, it also includes a variety of alarm functions, a good supervision center needs to connect a comprehensive alarm center. Here we talk about the system today, if there are elderly children in the home, their work and busy friends must see more.

Electronic anti-theft alarm system is also called the intrusion alarm system, mainly through infrared microwave technology to monitor indoor window glass, magnetic door, damages, whether any unusual or for family indoor smoke concentration, check the gas concentration, etc, a series of conditions for a family there is a certain threat, once after detection and alarm system will automatically electronic anti-theft alarm, even if the owner is not able to head off a danger.

In addition to automatic alarm, the emergency button is also a manual alarm mode, and the emergency button often plays a role in the key time than the efficiency of automatic alarm device is much higher, and the modern automatic alarm device is more intelligent, such as the concentration of household smoke exceeds the limit, it can be judged as a fire and so on.

With electronic anti-theft alarm system is a very important barrier for the family, as if the safety protection system, do you have your own computer believe that no one would make his home in unsafe, and modern means of theft through the help of science and technology also becomes emerge in endlessly, and combat illegal means is as a long-term process of the people.

New Year's day is a time of reunion and celebration for all Chinese people, and New Year goods and gifts are usually indispensable. The rise of big data and artificial intelligence in the era of mobile Internet has gradually influenced people's decision when choosing gifts.

For modern families, a complete electronic burglar alarm system is necessary to ensure that the New Year holiday or work not at home when the possibility of danger to a minimum. Intelligent security system support door magnetic, human infrared sensor, smoke alarm, camera and other security equipment combination linkage, to meet the security needs of the family.

When the family is on a long journey or a short business trip, check the doors and Windows and electrical appliances repeatedly before departure, and worry about the safety of the home at all times on the way out. Burglar alarm, for you to avoid these worries, out of the door an abnormal immediately receive the alarm.

Electronic burglar alarm system can sense abnormal intrusion, mobile phone remote alarm. Install the door magnetic detector in the door and window. Once the detector is separated, it will alarm immediately. Install the infrared detector indoors. The alarm can also store more than one group of emergency telephone, caring for the safety of the whole family.

Holiday, whether to travel or return home, there is an electronic burglar alarm system to protect silently and you can paly games and enjoy at a ease.