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Why Install Fire Alarm System

Jul 02, 2019

Why Install Fire Alarm System

Nine fire related deaths in less than two years -- in homes without working fire alarms. But today, volunteers want to turn the trend.


More than 100 volunteers head door-to-door in the Detroit Neighborhood today to prevent fire-related deaths.


"Actually we don't have any."


Homeowner of Detroit knows a working smoke alarm can help her get out in case of a fire and she is grateful for the visit. "It means a lot. You know because I have four kids and we actually have a smoke detector but it's in our cabinet, and it was pretty old, so I don't know if it even worked anymore,"


The Detroit Neighborhood is targeted by volunteers because it is the same area devastated by a fire related death in August. "We decided to start having some community conversation about how do we really protect our communities and prepare our communities more so than ever before in a format that is going to have a measurable impact," The goal is to install new smoke detectors with a ten year ion battery as well as education to deal with fire related emergencies. There is tragedy across the country, but there isn't enough effort to prevent it.


"When we look at our nation, the last two years only 33 percent of the population is doing any form of preparedness. 62 percent of the population have died in house fires is a result of not having a working smoke alarm. Those are two staggering statistics from a nation that should be prepared and should be more focused on prevention," Volunteer said.


With efforts like today, hopefully there will be more awareness and less heartbreak.