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Why False Alarm

Dec 07, 2018

Why False Alarm

The reasons for false alarm alarm are as follows:

1. The infrared alarm is not accurate enough to judge the invasion behavior, resulting in false alarm.

2. The infrared alarm is affected by external environmental factors, causing false alarm, such as temperature, light and other environmental factors; There are also factors such as air flow and pet movement.

3. Both the panel and alarm adopt wireless coding mode to set the coding, because there is a repetition that causes the host and alarm to repeat the code, resulting in false alarm.

4. Poor anti-interference ability of wireless alarm shows that the same frequency interference is easy to cause false alarm.

5, there are some alarm quality is not up to standard, such as component damage, poor production process will cause false alarm.

6. Human factors may also cause false alarm, such as improper operation of the user, accidentally triggering the alarm, false entry, strayed into the protected area, etc., all of which will result in false alarm; There is also the way to install equipment, Angle and location is not appropriate can also cause false alarm.