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Why Do We Need Security Systems

Oct 25, 2018

Why Do We Need Security Systems

The popularity of natural gas greatly facilitates the heating and cooking of the masses, but many people do not understand that improper use of natural gas also brings certain risks, and natural gas in the air accounts for 5%-15% of the explosion. Therefore, some points need to be paid attention to are sorted out. It is wise for residents to use natural gas safely and install gas leakage alarm.

So why do residents install gas alarms?

1. The main causes of gas accidents are as follows: unattended when using gas; Do not close the gas switch valve or close loosely after using the gas; Aging, excessive length or falling off of rubber pipes, etc., especially some old communities with outdated equipment and no maintenance personnel or weak professional knowledge of maintenance personnel, are another important reason for gas accidents, and the old communities have become the high incidence area of gas accidents.

2. The elderly and children in residents' homes are slow to respond to gas leakage and have poor emergency response capacity. Enter deep autumn and cold winter season, the door window of the dweller home is close do not ventilate, if gas leakage, cannot discharge for a long time, produce gas to accumulate, produce flammable, explosive accident extremely easily.

3. Once the gas accident occurs, both the family and the personal injury are very big, especially at present, many residents spend a lot of manpower and material resources on decoration. Once the explosion occurs, it will be extremely easy to damage the fish in the pond. Compared with avoiding leakage accident, the investment of installing gas leakage alarm is very worthwhile.

On the afternoon of August 29, the xingdong police station in tieling city, liaoning province received a police report. After receiving the police situation, on duty civilian police, auxiliary police immediately to the scene to dispose. According to the neighbors, an old man lived in the west door on the second floor, and it was not clear if the old man was inside. Police immediately united gas company staff to control the scene personnel, to prevent open fire calls, and at the same time to contact the fire, ambulances. One of the policemen climbed the wooden ladder to the window on the second floor to check the situation.

When the window was opened, a strong smell of gas wafted out of the room. Regardless of personal safety, the police will open all doors and Windows after entering the room from the second floor Windows, and the medical staff who arrived in time to the elderly emergency measures and will take them to the hospital for examination.

After a check by the gas company, it was found that the incident was a gas leak caused by the failure of the furnace valve. The incident was resolved quickly and without casualties.

Gas leakage hazard is also enough to cause concern, and gas leakage alarm naturally becomes the kitchen's preferred helper. The design of products is based on user experience, use scenario improvement and structure implementation. We only have one purpose, do not play empty, let the user feel our real sincerity and concern in the life that occupy the home. As a smart alarm product, its biggest advantage is that it can receive the gas value in the house in real time. Once the product exceeds the standard, it will push the alarm information for the household immediately. Families with elderly parents and children are no longer worried about going out to work, and family security is in control.