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Why do we need install gas leakage alarm??

May 19, 2017

1, The main cause of gas accidents are as follows: when use gas,no one to take care of it; After the use,forget to close the gas switch  or closed lax; Hose aging and long or fall off, especially some old community equipment lack of maintenance, or maintenance personnel expertise is not well enough, which is another important reason for the gas accident. The old community has become a high incidence of gas accidents region.

2,  The elderly and children have slow reaction on the gas leak, poor ability to respond.

3, Into the  autumn and winter season, the doors and windows are closed usually, once gas leakage, long time can not be discharged, resulting in gas accumulation, prone to flammable, explosive accidents.

4, Once has a gas accident, whether the family property or personal safety,the damage is very large. Therefore, the installation of gas alarm system is become very worthwhile.

5, Home gas alarm in Europe , Japan and other countries have become a family essential goods.


Now install the gas leakage alarm system, has been payed more and more attention. The kitchen security, personal safety and property safety closely together, which is now the main direction of the development of the alarm industry. At the same time the alarm industry is now becoming more and more intelligent.

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