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Which House Alarm System is the Best

Feb 11, 2019

Which House Alarm System is the Best

This can choose according to their requirements, are now using wifi + GSM home burglar alarm is more, more better user experience, have fire prevention, security, prevent gas leakage, leakage prevention, emergency, remote monitoring, remote view the situation in the home, and other functions, if you still want to achieve some intelligent control home appliances, can choose a few intelligent socket.

Home alarm you mainly consider what to buy alarm host first, is wifi, or GSM (sim card).

WiFi can be connected to your home wireless, accessories trigger alarm, the main opportunity to alarm ring and to your phone send WeChat messages, App push or send an email to remind you of the exception.

GSM is simply a mobile phone card inserted in the alarm host, accessories trigger alarm, host alarm ring and send a message to your mobile phone, call to inform you of the situation.

After choose the host you choose accessories according to the situation of his own house, the door is the door magnetic sensors, window curtain infrared detector, the sitting room is smart wide-angle infrared detector, in addition to smoke alarm (nanny set event let me very terror), water alarm board decorate immersed in trouble (home), I also additional with a camera (home with children, older people), can view real-time home situation, but also a two-way voice intercom, if a child at home, you can communicate through the camera. When you match, it is ok to follow a principle, do not let go of any possible problem in the home, so that your whole home is a complete alarm system.