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where to install home security cameras

Sep 27, 2017

                                            Where and how to install home security cameras

    Many people ask me how/where to install home surveillance ? monitor camera installation and methods, etc ?

 Today I will be here to introduce some of the methods and steps to monitor the camera, easy to install the surveillance camera, I will explain where to install the cameras first, and then how to install.

The location of the camera selection points

       For the surveillance camera, the location of the location is directly related to the imaging results of the device. Therefore, many users will monitor the effect as the primary point of monitoring camera installation location. However, they have overlooked a very important point: surveillance cameras are not omnipotent, in the installation of the choice of location, it also has its own requirements.

The first is in the installation of the location, in order to be able to make the camera to avoid interference with the surrounding environment, to achieve a better camera and survival effect. In the indoor environment installation, we have to ensure that the height of the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters, and in the outdoor environment, we have to monitor the equipment exposure to more than 3 meters from the ground height. Otherwise, both from the camera self-protection, or equipment monitoring point of view, will have a lot of negative effects. Only after taking into account the most basic problems, the angle is the area we consider.

Camera install.jpg

Install Step:

      first , the preparation tool and the parts: the plug, the screw, the screwdriver, the hammer, the drill and other necessary tools; check the plug and tapping screw size according to the intended mounting position, try the bracket screw and the camera base screw is appropriate The buried pipe interface handles the test cable and is ready to enter the setup.

     Second, 2 from the camera, according to the predetermined camera model and specifications, install the lens (infrared camera does not install the lens), accidentally touch the lens and (Figure annotation part), confirm, turn on the power switch, fixed firmly, communicate with the host Or on-site use, such as adjusting the small TV to monitor the aperture, focal length.

      Third, the plug, screw, screwdriver, hammer, drill tool, according to a pre-determined position, install the bracket. After the inspection, the company will be in accordance with the contract, the camera direction installed

      Fourth, if you need to install the shield, in the next step, directly from here to install the surveillance camera.

(1), open the cover and rear baffle;

(2), fixed with a metal plate, camera fixed; wireless surveillance camera

(3), the power adapter to the shield;

(4), cover and rear baffle reset, straighten the cable, fixed, insert the bracket

Fifth,  welding a good video cable, video cable plug into the socket, confirm the fixed.

Sixth,  The power output plug is plugged into the camera's power outlet and confirms firm.

Seventh, the other end of the cable access control host computer or monitor (TV), to ensure a solid.

Eighth, switch to monitor the host and power, by monitoring the camera to adjust the range of the angle