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What you should know about security alarm systems

May 30, 2018

What you should know about security alarm systems

Now talking about security, in fact, most people think it is monitoring. For one thing, first, because the monitoring system has become so popular that there are incomplete statistics in the city, one person will leave his shadow in hundreds of surveillance cameras from going out of work to returning home from work. The second is that people always define security with their eyesight as the defensive standard.

In fact, security is commonly referred to as: technical defense in three parts: human defense, physical defense, and technical defense. Full name: Security Technology Defense System.

Today, we mainly talk about the composition and working principle of the anti-theft alarm system.


Anti-theft alarm system composition overview:

The most basic anti-theft alarm system consists of three parts: the front detector, the intermediate transmission part and the alarm host. (such as our commonly used cell perimeter alarm, home infrared alarm, etc.)

The other is a large-scale networked alarm system. The detector and the alarm host unite together as a front-end part, and it is a transmission part from the alarm host to the receiving police machine. The central police computer and the computer part are regarded as the back-end part.

Anti-theft alarm information transmission method:

There are two types of alarm information transmission methods. Wired, Wireless.

According to the wired and wireless division between the detector and the alarm host, the networked alarm host is also divided into the wired and wireless between the alarm receiving center and the host.

The networked alarm cable can be further divided into two types based on the telephone line transmission and the network transmission. As for the original bus-based ones, this time we are not in the learning scope, and the Internet era is basically eliminated. Wireless is transmitted over GSM/4G.