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What Wireless Alarm System

Jan 16, 2019

What Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm system is an alarm that detects electrical signals transmitted by electromagnetic waves in space. In some cases where the protection site is very scattered or it is inconvenient to lay transmission lines, wireless alarms are of unique use. In order to realize wireless transmission, a wireless channel transmitter and receiver must be added between the detector and the alarm controller.

Generally, security products are composed of three parts. The detector will send signals to the alarm when it detects environmental changes. The alarm itself will sound an alarm and send information to the signal receiving terminal (mobile phone, mailbox or alarm center) set by the user.

If the communications between detector and alarm are wireless signals instead of wired connection for signal transmission, then this kind of product is called wireless alarm, which has the advantages of more safety (not easy to be damaged), convenient installation, convenient control and so on.

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