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What to Look for in a Home Security System

Nov 06, 2019

What to Look for in a Home Security System

From the big national brands with multiple monitoring centers to DIY systems you can watch from your smart device, there are thousands of home security options to choose from. The best alarm system for your house makes life safer and more comfortable without breaking your budget or feeling too complicated, but how do you choose one?

Ask yourself a few questions before you start shopping:

  1. What am I protecting?

  2. How do I want to install it?

  3. How big is my home?

  4. What is my family’s routine?

  5. What is my budget?

The answers to these questions can tell you what kind of features you want, along with the best way to install, and how big of a system you need.


Security System Features

Before choosing one type of home security system, ask yourself what you want to protect. Do you want a nanny cam for the little ones or monitors to catch leaky pipes? Security systems do more than keep intruders out of your home. They can also communicate with your kids when they get home from school or tell you when that Amazon package arrived.

The right equipment package, payment plan, and features for you depend on what you want to do with your system. In today’s market, there are three main types of security system packages available: home automation, security equipment, and environmental monitoring.

Smart Home Automation 

Smart tech adjusts to your family’s schedule and preferences. Home automation can keep the lights on while you’re out of town or let the dog walker in while you’re out of the house.

Security Equipment 

Traditional home security devices like burglar alarms, glass break detectors, and outdoor cameras are helpful if you’re worried about issues like intrusion, theft, or vandalism.

Environmental Monitoring 

Equipment like smoke alarms, pipe freeze detectors, and leak detectors fall into this category. Families with older homes, especially, should look for devices in this category.