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What should we pay attention to when installing the detector?

May 25, 2017

1.To determine the installation method and height

The installation height of the detector is not arbitrary, will directly affect the sensitivity of the detector and anti-small animal effect, the general installation of the infrared-type infrared detector installed 2.0-2.7 meters high, away from air conditioning, refrigerators, stoves and other air temperature changes Sensitive place.

2. Reasonable location

In the same space it is best not to install two wireless infrared detectors to avoid the occurrence of interference due to the phenomenon of the same time; infrared detectors and indoor lines should be a certain angle, the detector for the radial movement of the least sensitive , And is most sensitive to tangential (ie, the direction perpendicular to the radius). In the field to choose the appropriate installation location is to avoid infrared detectors false alarm, to obtain the best detection sensitivity of the extremely important part.

3. should not be hot and cold vents or cold and heat sources

Infrared alarm sensor is the role of temperature changes are closely related to the hot and cold ventilator and cold and heat sources are likely to cause the detector false alarm, for some low-performance detectors, and sometimes through the doors and windows of the air convection will also cause false alarm.

4. should not be faced to the easy swing large objects

A large swing of the object can instantly cause a sudden change in the airflow of the detection area and may also cause false alarm. Attention should be paid to the illegal intrusion route The purpose of installing the detector is to prevent the illegal intrusion of criminals. Before determining the installation location, it is necessary to consider the main population of the building. In fact, we prevent the entrance, cut off the illegal invasion of the line, also reached our goal.

5.a reasonable selection

Infrared alarm models are also a variety of. Ordinary infrared probe, curtain, advanced infrared detectors, three-detect wide angle detectors and so on. From 10 meters to 25 meters, from the binary infrared to double-detect to multiple-detect, from the pet to the anti-block, anti-swing, from the wall to the ceiling, etc., need to install the detector should also consider the size of space , The surrounding environment, the characteristics of the entrance and other actual conditions.

6. should not face the glass doors and windows

There are two problems with glass doors and windows: First, white light interference, although the passive infrared detector (PIR) has a strong suppression of white light, but after all, not 100% inhibition, so do not be on the glass doors and windows, you can avoid strong Light interference; the second is to avoid the doors and windows outside the complex environmental interference, such as direct sunlight, crowds, mobile vehicles.