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What security alarm equipment Villa need to install?

Jun 09, 2017

In the villa install intelligent security alarm equipment can improve life quality. Smart security has become a lot of family necessities.

Villa intelligent security alarm equipment

Main Including :infrared detector, door sensor, gas sensor, emergency button, so that people are in a state of being protected.

First: the door sensor, if the stranger broke into, the home host alarm, sending the alarm location and nature to the users

Second: infrared sensor, generally installed in the windows and balconies, able to detect illegal intruders

Third: gas detectors,can even monitor the home environment of flue gas, gas concentration

Fourth: emergency help button,installed in a hidden position, after the incident, to the security center for help. Or carry by the elderly, for accidental help

Fifth: IP camera, to watch the situation of home, at ease when going out

Sixth: alarm host. Choose a powerful and design style goes with the villa is very important. Generally installed in the living room.