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What kinds of alarms are there?

Oct 26, 2018

A. According to the type of sensor: magnetic switch alarm, vibration alarm, acoustic alarm, ultrasonic alarm, electric field alarm, microwave alarm, infrared alarm, laser alarm and video motion alarm. The two sensors are mounted in a single detector called a dual-tech alarm.

B. According to the working mode of the detector: it can be divided into active and passive alarms. Active detectors must constantly emit some form of energy, such as infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, etc., to the site being guarded during the warning period. Passive detectors do not need to emit any form of energy to the scene being guarded during the warning period, but directly detect some form of energy from the detected target itself, such as infrared, vibration and other energy.

C, according to the detection of electrical signal transmission channel classification: can be divided into wired alarms and wireless alarms.

D. According to the warning range: point control alarm, line control alarm, surface control alarm and space control alarm.

E. Classification by application: It can be divided into indoor and outdoor alarms, or can be divided into perimeter alarms, building outer alarms, indoor space alarms and specific target monitoring alarms.

F, according to the working principle: electromechanical, electro-acoustic, electro-optical and electromagnetic alarms.