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What is the smart socket?

May 12, 2017

HY-03D smart socket

Brief Introduction

The smart socket is controlled via an APP installed in an Android or I OS smart phones or tablets, user can local or remote turn ON/OFF the device. 

Main Features

● Free APP compatible to Android and ISO, easy to use.

● High-quality PCB.

● Less power consumption, fast heat dissipation and save energy.

● This socket have a variety of different operating methods, such as

  controlled by smart phone, Switch on/off on the panel.

● Using the remote control that can be extended it’s life span, meanwhile,

  it provide a healthy, safe, energy-saving life for us.

● Setting your electric water heater to turn on in one hour earlier before

  you get up every morning, then you can take a shower comfortably.

● As long as you get ready for cooking in advance, you can turn on the

  switch of electric rice cooker by your smart phone after off duty, you

  can have a meal immediately after you get home.

● This wifi switch can be set what time you want to turn off or turn on as

  per your request, when you charge your phone before you go to bed at

  night, you can set the wifi switch will be turned off in 3 hours, then

  you don’t worry about explosion and fire disaster will happen because

  of long phone charging time.

smart socket