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What is the smart home

Apr 11, 2017

Smart home is related to the various subsystems such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scenes linkage, floor heating, health care, health and epidemic prevention, security and other organic together, through Network integrated intelligent control and management, to achieve "people-oriented" new home life experience.System functions as follows:

Remote control

You can use the remote control to operate the home lights, water heaters, electric curtains, water dispenser, air conditioning and other equipment to open or close. At the same time this remote control can also control the home of infrared appliances such as: TV, DVD, audio and other infrared electrical equipment - universal remote control.

Telephone control

Telephone remote control,  when you travel or work outside the home, you can phone to control the home air conditioning and curtains, lighting appliances, so that in advance for customers Cooling or heating or to open and close the state and so on.

Timing control

You can set some products in advance automatically turn off the time, such as: electric water heater every night 20:30 minutes automatically turn on the heating, 23:30 minutes automatically shut down to ensure that you enjoy the hot water bath at the same time.

Centralized control

You can open the living room at the entrance to the restaurant and the kitchen lights, kitchen and other electrical appliances, especially at night you can control the bedroom and bathroom lighting appliances, both convenient and safe, you can also check their work status.

Network control

In the office or else, as long as there is a network of places, you can log on to the Internet , in the network world through a fixed smart home control interface to your home appliance.

Monitoring function

Video monitoring allows remote video monitoring and voice calls at any time, anywhere, directly via a local area network or broadband network.

Intelligent security

Indoor security, anti-theft, fire prevention, anti-gas leaks and emergency relief functions, fully integrated voice telephony remote control, timing control, scene control, wireless forwarding and other intelligent lighting and home appliances control function; no re-wiring, plug and play, easy To achieve home intelligent security; default burglar alarm phone; reliable quality, stable performance, no need to worry about home security, property safety, life safety.

Alarm function

When there is a alarm situation, can automatically dial the phone, and linkage related to do the alarm processing

Sharing function

Multi-channel signal source, according to the needs of users, sent to each room of the TV, audio and other terminal equipment, to achieve a share of the living room a variety of audio-visual equipment. Your family is a unique design of the AV film and television exchange center.

Fingerprint lock

Air conditioning

Pet nanny

Phone control