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What is the cause of the gas alarm suddenly ringing?

Oct 26, 2018

The reason why the gas alarm suddenly rings is:

1. There is gas leaking into a certain concentration range in the air, and the alarm will give an alarm. Please check the gas tank or pipeline in the home. In this case, the alarm light of the alarm will light red.

2, there may be soot in the air or its factors, causing false alarms, please pay attention to the installation position of the alarm, do not be too close to the gas stove, check the alarm cleaning. At this time, the alarm light or the fault light will flash.

3. The detector may have internal circuit or sensor failure, and the alarm needs maintenance. At this point, the fault light will turn yellow.

The main components of coal gas are CO, hydrogen and alkanes, olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons and the like. The gas, CO and hydrogen contents of different cities may differ greatly. Gas is toxic because CO, aromatics, etc. can bind to hemoglobin in the human body, causing hypoxia, causing people to stun or even die. At low concentrations, it can also cause dizziness, nausea and collapse.

Because the CO gas is toxic, the so-called gas alarm is judged by detecting the leaked CO gas concentration. If it is a gas containing a large amount of hydrogen, a concentration alarm for detecting the leaked hydrogen can be used.

Gas alarms are generally judged by detecting the concentration of leaked carbon monoxide gas; gas alarms are generally judged by detecting the concentration of flammable gases such as alkane, olefins, and aromatic hydrocarbons leaking. When such gas leaks reach the explosive limit, the gas is exposed to fire. (Lighters, electrical switches, static electricity, high-frequency signals, etc.) gas explosion (such as coal mine ventilation is prone to gas explosion), causing great damage.