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What is perimeter alarm system

Dec 06, 2019

What is perimeter alarm system

Over the years, traditional perimeter security solutions have made due contributions to social security, but limited by some objective technical conditions and other factors, there are still some common or individual deficiencies.

Infrared and other traditional schemes have low protection level, which is easy to cross or avoid for intentional intruders; at the same time, they are easy to be limited by the terrain conditions such as high and low, twists, turns, bends, etc., and they are not suitable for harsh climate, and they are easy to be affected by high temperature, low temperature, strong light, dust, rain, snow, fog, frost and other natural climate, with high false alarm rate;

Leakage cable and vibration cable alarm belong to cable sensing, the sensing part is active, the power consumption of the system is very large; electronic fence, power grid and other schemes have certain harm. The monitoring distance of the above scheme is short and the unit distance cost is high. In the case of long-distance monitoring, the system cost is high. Moreover, the sensor unit has short life, long-term continuous use and high maintenance cost;

In conclusion, the traditional perimeter security solution based on electrical sensor technology has many functional defects due to its own technical conditions. In the new era, the perimeter security system must be able to identify and respond to various intrusion events in time, and must have the characteristics of long-distance monitoring, high-precision positioning function, low energy dependence, high environmental tolerance, anti electromagnetic interference, anti-corrosion and so on.