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What is motion activated security system

Aug 25, 2017

What is motion activated security system

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Intrusion detection alarm system is composed of intrusion detection and alarm technology. It can help people as anti-intrusion, security and other alert work. In the prevention area with a variety of different types of intrusion detectors can constitute invisible guard points, cordon, alert or space warning area, they can be intertwined to form a multi-level, multi-directional security network.

Working principle

Once the criminals intrude or other abnormal circumstances, which will trigger the motion activated security alarm system and the system will immediately issued a sound alarm signal, while showing the specific address of the alarm, promptly notify the duty officer to take the necessary measures immediately, and can also automatically to the alarm center alarm.

Basic composition

Motion activated detectors, alarm controllers, motion activate Ip camera,transmission systems constitute the alarm we usually say; intrusion detection alarm system by the alarm detector, alarm controller, transmission system, communication system and security guards formed.

Basic principle 

In the motion activated s alarm system, the intrusion detector is the front-end probe to prevent the scene, they usually detect the illegal intrusion information in the form of switching signals, through the transmission system (wired or wireless) to the alarm controller. Alarm controller after identification, judgments issued after the sound alarm and light alarm, but also control a variety of peripherals, but also the alarm output to the upper level alarm center or the relevant departments.