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What is loT

Nov 27, 2018

What is loT

The Internet of things is an important part of the new generation of information technology, but also an important stage of development in the "information" era. Its English name is: "Internet of things (IoT)". As the name implies, the Internet of things is the Internet connecting things. This has two meanings: first, the core and foundation of the Internet of things is still the Internet, which is an extension and extended network on the basis of the Internet; Secondly, its client extends and extends to any item and between items for information exchange and communication, that is, object to object interest. The Internet of things (iot) is widely used in the integration of networks through intelligent perception, identification technology, pervasive computing and other communication perception technologies. It is also known as the third wave of the development of the world information industry after computers and the Internet. The Internet of things is the application expansion of the Internet. It is not so much a network as a business and application. Therefore, application innovation is the core of the development of the Internet of things, and innovation 2.0 with user experience as the core is the soul of the development of the Internet of things.

Scope of USES

Iot, widely used in intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government, public security, and peace, household, intelligent fire control, industrial monitoring, environmental monitoring, street lighting control, landscape lighting control lighting control, building lighting control, square, the old man care, personal health, floriculture, drainage monitoring, food traceability and the situation of the enemy reconnaissance and intelligence, and other fields.

A 2005 report by the international telecommunication union (itu) painted a picture of the "Internet of things" era. Briefcases remind the owner of what he or she has forgotten. Clothes "tell" the washing machine what color and temperature it needs, and so on. The application of the Internet of things in the field of logistics, for example: a logistics company used the truck of the Internet of things system, when the load is overweight, the car will automatically tell you the overload, and how much overload, but there is still space, tell you how to match light and light goods; When the porter unloads the cargo, a package may shout "you hurt me" or "honey, please don't be so rude, ok? ; When the driver is gossiping, the van will pretend to be the boss's voice and yell, "idiot, it's time to start!"

Internet of things the use of a new generation of IT technology in all walks of life, specifically, is the embedded sensors and equipment to the electrical grid, railways, Bridges, tunnels, roads, construction, water supply, DAMS, oil and gas pipelines and other objects, then put the "Internet of things" with the existing Internet together, realizes the human society and the integration of the physical system, among the integration of network, ability super powerful central computer group, the ability to integrate the network of personnel, machinery, equipment and infrastructure to implement real-time management and control, based on this, Human beings can manage production and life in a more refined and dynamic way to achieve a "smart" state, improve the utilization rate of resources and productivity level, and improve the relationship between human beings and nature.