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What Is a Smart Alarm System?

Apr 02, 2017

As recently as 10 years ago, consumers did not have access to technology that let them manage their own home security systems. Smart alarm systems changed that.Consumers can DIY by themselves. Originally, traditional security systems were hardwired into the home and monitored by a central station, usually a home alarm company. The customer paid monthly fees.It costs a lot of money and not convenient.

Fast forward and today, consumers have smartphones, home networks and wireless technology—all of which the smart alarm system can utilize. People can buy door sensors(door contact) to detect if someone is outside or door has been opened that can be monitored and potentially controlled from one's cell phone.Consumers can slao buy PIR detectors to detect invaders, or pet immunity detectors to avoid the false alarm arise by pets.And used with IP camera, consumers can know waht happen in their house and if there is alarm, they will see everything clearly.

In essence, smart burglar alarm systems may be able to empower the customer to build their own network of security while retaining control, usually through their cell phones.

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