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What Intruder Alarm System

Jan 04, 2019

What Intruder Alarm System

Intrusion alarm system is generally composed of detector, area controller and alarm control center. Usually, a region controller, detector and acoustooptic alarm device can constitute a simple alarm system. The security control center must be set up for the system with high requirements, which can play a role in the management of the whole intrusion alarm system and the integrated management of the whole security prevention system.

The basic requirements of intrusion alarm system are as follows:

A) real-time, reliable and correct alarm and review of illegal intrusion in the fortified area to avoid leakage and false alarm.

B) the alarm system shall be independent of the network, operate independently, and have an output interface, which can be used manually or automatically to send an external alarm to the wired or wireless communication system, and an interface connected to the local public security alarm center shall be reserved.

C) the system shall be able to program, set up or remove defenses arbitrarily according to time, location and region.

D) it shall be able to detect the operating state of the equipment and signal transmission line, timely issue a fault alarm and indicate the fault location.

E) it shall have the ability to prevent damage. When the detector is damaged or the circuit is cut off, the system can give an alarm in time.