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What House Alarm System is Best

Nov 29, 2018

What House Alarm System is Best

Security, is the primary human needs, in the security needs have not been met, all other needs are floating clouds. Therefore, the first consideration is to meet the user's security needs, the use of HEYI security system can be combined with all kinds of security detection equipment, constitute a three-dimensional anti-theft alarm system. No matter for the home, shops, supermarkets, warehouses, garages and other different places, HEYI WIFI GSM alarm can guarantee your safety, to ensure the world without thieves.

Travel a lot and worry about being robbed? Old people and children at home, afraid of burglary? Sleep at night and worry about thieves? Recently, haikou city jinniu road lilac home has 6 consecutive stolen cases, again stimulate people's nerves: home, safe?

As the devil climbs one foot, so does the Taoist priest. Small make up visit found that in the "burglar prevention" thing, residents were inspired to infinite wisdom. For example, "civil air defense", home does not leave people; "Dog guard", tall and mighty dog dog sit in a row; There is also the "technical defense", installation of various emerging technology products. This period, the reporter will introduce a few for you guard against theft "divine implement", help you look after a home to protect a courtyard.

This door magnetic alarm, although cheap and small, but convenient and effective. Door magnetic alarm, the biggest advantage is a step installation, only two sides of the adhesive can be glued to the door and window. The average size 7 battery will last more than a year. It has a super-loudness alarm that can be heard throughout the floor. Before sleeping in the evening, the button is opened, once the door is opened, the alarm will automatically send out an alarm sound, can frighten away thieves, but also can remind the householder of "alien invasion."

HY-W7 alarm system is a comprehensive burglar alarm, mainly using mobile phone network technology, such as GSM, 3G technology for telephone alarm or remote monitoring. In addition to a host, but also according to the need to install indoor door magnetic, passive infrared detector, camera, can be more or less, some products also have installed sound detectors, such as someone walking, talking, chiselling and other sounds, the host can be heard through the mobile phone.

Windows and doors has long been a thief stealing a common channel, in order to avoid the thief invade our through Windows and doors, will have to do a good job of family security, it can be installed on the door magnetic door, installed on the window curtain detector, such as long as someone invasion of doors and Windows in the house, or even someone press the doorbell in the home, head of the household can be received alarm calls/sms in the first alarm information notice. Whether you're at work or on a business trip, take this tip and put yourself at ease in your daily work and life.

GSM alarm is installed, the alarm device is in the state of distribution work, as long as people enter the distribution range, the device will immediately send out an alarm sound, if there is a burglar into, residents can immediately find, and thieves themselves do not know, often without a fight.

Security guard is very important, because more guard will lose a point. But people often ignore the home security because of a variety of reasons, or holding a fluke in the heart to save a cost, or because abrupt security equipment affects the overall beauty of the home. None of these worries seem to count for much in the body.

HY-W7 alarm system is a wireless encrypted communication, locking anti-interference, anti-cracking, anti-dismantling function of the intelligent alarm, the first choice of home security products, for you to create an indestructible family security protection network. Have it in the home, everything in the home can appear in front of the eyes, no longer worry about stolen incident happening.