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What Home Alarm

Sep 26, 2018

What Home Alarm

According to the ministry of public security, the annual loss caused by burglary is as high as 1130 billion yuan. In particular, with the implementation of policies to demolish walls and build open communities, the probability of community theft has exploded, and the demand for smart security of urban families will be more vigorous. In recent years, the intelligent anti-theft alarm system of high-end residential buildings has become one of the main selling points of developers.

Home alarms can be divided into three types: security alarm, fire protection and monitoring.

Security alarm: security here, not general security system. In respect of guard against theft, intelligent home system can be opened automatically "leave home mode" or "sleep mode", user need not worry about go out again or forget to close the door and window when sleeping, already was not new.

Fire protection: the smoke concentration control and alarm system of the kitchen, the leakage identification and alarm technology of gas, the automatic water supply system and so on are all what the owner should pay attention to when designing smart home schemes.

Monitoring: monitoring systems are also what most smart homes need to consider when they are designed and installed. The system will automatically detect the elderly's temperature, pulse and other key health parameters, and send them to the smart home management platform and medical treatment center for rapid detection of suspicious and critical conditions, and automatically activate the alarm system when necessary. It is very important to have a villa for the old people. Home burglar alarm is a security system that makes use of various function detectors to protect the surroundings, space, environment and people of the house.