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What does the security system include?

Mar 27, 2017

Security system is called the public security system, is to protect personal and property safety, information and communication security, to prevent crime and loss. So, what security system includes? I will tell you about the composition of the security system in the following.

1.Anti - theft alarm system

Anti-theft alarm system is installed by a variety of intrusion detectors on the protected area to detect personnel activities , once found that there were invaders, it will trigger alarm, with this method,  to achieve the role of anti-theft.
2.Video surveillance system

Video surveillance system is based on image monitoring, to realize real-time monitoring and video recording of live images. Video surveillance system allows security personnel to intuitively grasp the scene, and to playback the video then analysis the event and get  evidence. Video surveillance system plays an important part in the security system, the current video surveillance system and anti-theft alarm system organically combined to form a more reliable monitoring system.
3.Card access system

Card access system is also called Door - entry system,  its function is to control the access, but also to control personnel activities in the area. In the prevention area, you must use a variety of cards, passwords or through the biometric technology identified by the control device to confirm. The parking lot management system also actually belongs to the entrance control system.
4.Building intercom system

Building intercom system provides visitors and indoor staff with two-way call or video calls, remote control unlock and alarm function.
5.Electronic patrol system

In large buildings or indoor and outdoor places, there are many entrances and exits, complex personnel, which must have someone to patrol, some important places should set patrol points or patrol routes, and regular patrols. The electronic patrol system is a security officer who transmits a patrol signal to the central control room at a designated time and place on the specified patrol route to indicate that the relevant route and location have been visited.
Security system, including what has been discussed above. China's security industry has developed rapidly and also more popular, but the traditional security depend on people's very much, while intelligent security can be achieved through the machine‚Äôs intelligent judgments.